Wow, to think I almost missed that

“Why don’t we want more?”

It was the classic Urbana question, spiraling up from the classic Urbana message, and spinning us into a classic Urbana discussion.

Seconds after David Platt finished his hard-hitting, compelling, give-everything-to-Jesus talk on Friday night, my colleagues and I launched into a challenging, convicting, give-everything-to-Jesus conversation. It was impromptu, unscripted and slightly inconvenient and it came at the end of a very long day.

We work behind the scenes at Urbana and for many of us, this is not our first conference. Because of this, it’s easy to overlook the possibility that God might actually have a word or two for us while we are here.

When David Platt finished saying everything he had to say last night, I was tempted to move quickly on, appreciative that he’d delivered an important talk, one that I’m certain has been delivered at every Urbana since the conference first began in 1946.

But moving quickly on would have been a mistake. Shelving the talk alongside other classic Urbana messages would have been a loss. Failing to talk about the talk would have  been an epic fail.

We didn’t get to the question — why don’t we want more — immediately. When we launched into our discussion, we spent a lot of time circling around the talk itself. David Platt called us to put Jesus ahead of everything else in our lives – our stuff, our money, our affections. Do this, he said, because Jesus is worth it, not for any other reason.

What does that look like, we asked each other? Can we ever give everything to Jesus? How do we follow Jesus with both feet in? Why do we so very often have one foot in, and one foot out? Are we mostly putting on an act, or can we really, truly live like disciples of Jesus? What place does community have in this? Are we being transformed, getting there? Or will it always be a struggle? Do we really believe Jesus offers more?  And if we do, why don’t we want that?”

“Why don’t we want more?”

We didn’t come up with a neatly packaged answer to that question last night. I still don’t have one this morning. But here’s what I love about Urbana: it’s not just a big, exciting, come-to-Jesus conference. It’s a place where God shows up through big name speakers and through conversations among small groups of friends.

Urbana is a place where, if we’re listening, God very likely has a word, even for those of us who work behind the scenes.


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This blog grew out of a newspaper column. I miss the smell of ink when my writing is published, but writers must get words out somehow…and so I blog.
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