A simple question and a great response

Just a quick post to put a period on an amazing beginning to Urbana 12. 

I was standing in the America Center Dome this evening just as students were filing into their seats. The conference opened with a question that went something like this: “Are you going to hear from God this week?”

“Yes, man!” a tall guy striding past me said to no one in particular. I didn’t catch his face, don’t know his name, but I heard his quick response. And it gave me great hope.


Urbana 12 has just begun. There are four more days ahead of us, filled with worship, Bible studies and exposition, drama, prayer. There will be a myriad of conversations. And God will speak.

I know this, because when I was a 17 year-old-student, first-year-university student at Urbana 79, I heard God speak. I can’t tell you the exact words He spoke but I know He did. Because when God speaks and we listen, things change.

I’ve never been quite the same since that first Urbana. Being in a space with 17,000 other believers, hearing powerful words from Christians from all over the world solidified my faith. It made me certain that what I had grown up believing, was indeed true.

I stood in the Dome tonight, as 16,000 young people started their Urbana journey. I heard a question. And I heard a response. I’m praying I will echo it over and over again throughout this week.

Will you pray for that, too?


About Lynda MacGibbon

This blog grew out of a newspaper column. I miss the smell of ink when my writing is published, but writers must get words out somehow…and so I blog.
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